Benefits of crossword puzzles for kids

Crosswords for children are an important educational tool. The little one will learn to think, to coordinate their thoughts and even to interact in a group.

As a result of various investigations, it has been proven that there are games that improve memory and other cognitive functions in humans. This, for example, is the case of crosswords, a phenomenal and educational entertainment for children.

These types of hobbies offer advantages for people of all ages. In addition, it is one of the many mental tools that require early exercise to achieve optimal future development.

Crosswords and skills

Crosswords have the ability to stimulate in their participants the search for new ways of reasoning. The challenges they generate become stimuli when used appropriately.

For these reasons, the adult should see that the child begins to play with easy crosswords. These games will be able to promote the desire to continue and avoid the feeling of failure or disinterest.

Playing to find the exact word through its definition in the crossword is a fun way to increase the vocabulary of the little ones. Also, this game increases language skills and raises the vocabulary of children through the learning of new words and synonyms.

In this way, the child will learn to choose between alternative words to use in each context. This is an attribute that not only allows you to develop a greater capacity for symbolization, but also has other advantages.

For example, the child will dialogue and express her opinion in a much more pertinent and attractive way, especially in future work or academic contexts.


Other benefits of crosswords

To correctly fill in each box, it must be written without spelling errors. For this reason, crossword puzzles not only extend vocabulary and create greater language skills, but also improve spelling.

Likewise, by keeping the mind agile and activating neural connections, this game is important to prevent future degenerative diseases. This is the case, for example, of Alzheimer’s and the various dementias.

On the other hand, the mental associations that crossword puzzles generate help to raise the IQ. They also stimulate the joint work of short and long term memory.

Finally, the crossword puzzles encourage the concentration of the little ones. The exercise of thinking to discover the words makes the child concentrate on the game without thinking. Also, it trains the mind in deductive thinking and speed in information processing.


Classic or modern crosswords?

Currently, crosswords can be found both in their printed version (in newspapers, magazines and books) and in their online version or in an application. In their electronic format, a large number of crosswords of different complexities are available.

An important fact about electronic crossword puzzles is that they are available in several languages. This generates a secondary advantage, since it adds the extra benefit of being able to know words in other languages; also the possibility of reviewing and studying in a strategic way the language that the minor is studying.


Many variants available

The crosswords can be obtained with different themes. One of the most creative proposes to find the names of the protagonists of several popular cartoon series. There are also names of professions, ingredients, foods, types of games, etc.

In the early school years it is important for the adult to offer the child a short crossword and analyze their performance during the activity. In case of detecting that the child is not comfortable, it is appropriate to change the crossword puzzle or reduce the complexity of it.

In the same way, when they have spent more than 30 minutes with the same crossword, it is advisable to propose a change of activity, whether they have finished it or not. It is important not to produce a saturation effect in children, or even an aversion to these activities.