iPhone and Android Games That Will Engage Your Brain

Stop wasting time on games or at least bad games.






Games where you’re arranging candy by color or crossing an unrealistic number of roads or farm animals are repetitive, mindless and addictive games. There are so better options. Games that help you improve a skill or relax just get you thinking more. So here are some games that you should be playing.


To of the best brain training games I’ve played are Elevate and Lumosity. Elevate focuses on training skills like writing, reading speaking and math. The game keep track of your progress and rates your proficiency in each scale. This games help you use tricks that actually you can use in real life. Elevate offers practical study materials and tips to improve your skills.


Lumosity is similar to elevate in a lot of ways. This game is meant to help you sharpen a certain set of skills. There are some multitasking games that help you use those skills even in real life. Playing these kind of games you can improve your memory, attention and problem solving.On Lumosity you have various games that you can choose to play.

Word Connect

There’s a reason why word games have stuck around for many years. They are fun and they help you in many ways. Word Connect is one of those classic word games that will make you fall in love immediately. If you are a real puzzle game lover you cannot miss this game. Just swipe letters and create the correct word so you can collect coins and go to the next level. Find all the hidden words and keep your brain trained and relaxed in the same time. And if you’re finding difficulties in solving those levels you can check for answer of Word Connect levels on this website.

Do brain “training” games work?

Brain training games make a lot of claims about improving cognitive functions but there’s not much evidence that there are long-term benefits related to intelligence or focus. Studies have found that the only reason you’re improving at these games is because you’re playing them over and over.