WordBrain Game Answers

WordBrain Answers by their pack order in the game. Wordbrain is a free to play puzzle game. In this game your challenge is to find hidden words in a grid puzzle. You can build a word up, down, left, right and even diagonally. You should find the right words based on the length of those hidden words. But sometimes you need to find words in the right order.

There are different hidden words with different numbers of letters. Each level have at least four letters to create the right words. Initially you need to find words with four letters but the level difficulty keep increasing. WordBrain also has a hints system. Every time you complete a level you will unlock different clues.

Wordbrain features a set of Daily Challenges that you can play and crack every day. They differ in size (grid) depending on how much you have progressed in the game,

We have all the answers and tricks you need to beat every level of WordBrain. This is a game for the true Word genius! It starts out very easy, but is challenging quickly. Find the hidden words, slide your finger over them, and see the puzzle collapse. Do everything correctly and you will be able to clear the grid. If you don’t know the answer use the form below, select the level pack and we will show you all the answers they want to know.

Have a good time playing and solving this cute game developed by MAG Interactive for Android iOs and Windows phones. Mag Interactive published the game in 2014 and judging by the number of downloads and players over the years, Wordbrain might be considered a Classic Android Game in it’s own right, according to the developer it has gathered over 40 million downloads/users since it was first published.

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