Best Word Games for iPhone and iPad

Best word games for iPhone and iPad

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a fun free social crossword game that lets you test your brainpower against friends around the world. Find an opponent that suits you by browsing player profiles in Community Match mode. Think fast and challenge your friends in a new fast-paced game mode, act within 24 hours on a small board with fewer boxes. May the best win.

Pic The Words

Catch the letters to form words related to the picture. If a word doesn’t jump out at you, then you can look up what the picture reminds you of, and then search through the available letters if the word is feasible. The more you progress through the levels, the more words will be found in the image, and will therefore be hidden by letters. It will therefore be necessary to find the first words to reveal the image little by little … But be careful, only the letters in the foreground can be used, it is up to you to choose the right ones to unlock all the letters.



Solve hundreds of puzzles in this unique illustrated crossword game! More than 1000 grids to complete: the clues are in the pictures. This word game is as elegant as it is simple, but it will put even the most die-hard cruciverbite to the test. So keep an eye open and the good one, and rack your brains. Your brain will thank you later!


Progress to 100

You will need to be very creative in solving the abstract puzzles and progressing through the game. You will shake, pat, scream, dance and much more. Progress will put your expectations to the test. Team up to solve the most difficult puzzles. It’s just hilarious to watch players go crazy and make fun of each other during games.


Ruzzle Adventure

Take part in this thrilling adventure in a magical universe: hundreds of levels await you, full of word puzzles! Can you escape the rising water, unlock the locked letters and face the greatest Ruzzleurs?


Scribblenauts Remix

Welcome to an adventure set in an open world where the most powerful tool is your imagination. Help Maxwell solve formidable puzzles through dozens of limitless levels, revealing all the objects that you can think of. Apply attributes to existing objects to magically transform their properties! Discover the story of Maxwell’s parents, his 41 siblings (including his twin sister Lily), and how he inherited his magic notebook.


Lettro Challenges

With each new challenge, steal as many letters as possible from LETTRO to impose your colors and win the game. If your color dominates the grid more than 50%, the victory is yours. Tip: Use the booster and find out which word steals the most letters from Lettro, at any time of the game (5 free booster packs). Chain the victories and discover new grids increasingly varied and exciting!



Find, spell and save the Languinis in this puzzle game like no other. Bombola !! Collect gems of the same color, discover letters and spell the longest words to overcome 900 increasingly difficult levels and free little Languinis one after the other. This puzzle is the unique blend of two different styles.